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H Chemistry – HW Videos for Moles & Stoichiometry Unit

Watch the videos and take notes!

Due Thursday, 10/30:
GPB video #701 – Introduction to the Mole and Molar Mass and take notes.

Due Wednesday, 11/5 GPB video #702 – Percentage Composition and Empirical Formulas

Due Thursday, 11/6
GPB Video #703 – Molecular Formulas and Hydrates

Due Friday, 11/7 GPB Video #801 – Mole/Mole and Mole Mass Stoichiometry

Due Monday, 11/10 GPB Video #802 – Mass/Mass Stoichiometry and Percent Yield

Due Tuesday, 11/11 GPB Video #803 – Limiting Reactants

H Chemistry – CW from Wednesday, 10/8 and Friday, 10/10 + extra help!

Wednesday’s assignment:
CW type i and ii ionic compounds

Here’s Friday’s assignment:

ionic nomenclature

Need help, go to this website for info!

OR here’s a crash course chemistry video: #11 How to Speak Chemistrian”. IF the video showing isn’t the correct one…remember, click on the icon at the top of the video and scroll down to the appropriate video, #11.

OR check these out!


H Chemistry – TAke home test

For those of you who did NOT turn in your take home test today and were present in class can turn in the test tomorrow during tutoring ONLY from 3:30 -5:00pm.

If you were absent today (Monday, 10/6) AND the absence is EXCUSED, you can turn in the test as soon as you get back to school. Had an UNEXCUSED Absence, I’m sorry, I cannot accept it then.