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H Forensic Science 8.28.18

Today we completed latent print lab 1. Then we finished notes on fingerprints.

Remember to read chapter 16 in the online text! Due WEdnesday, 8.29

H Chemistry 8.22.18

Today we completed the Flame Test Lab. If you weren’t in class today, here’s how you can make up the lab.

Print out the lab:Virtual Flame Test Lab

Click on this link:
Virtual Flame Test Lab
Scroll down the page until you see Flame Test (known). Click on each element to see each flame color is produced when the electrons are excited. Record in the data table. Scroll down a little more to Flame Test (unknown). Click on each to observe and record the colors. Each unknown is one of the knowns you just did before. Identify the element.

For analysis, match the color produced by the element to the wavelength and use that to calculate the frequency. Secondly, use the frequency you just calculated to determine the energy of the photon. See the equations on the lab handout. Then answer the conclusion questions.