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H Chemistry – websites for energy political ad

Energy Political Ad Poster

You and your team will research three types of power plants- coal, fission, and fusion. Currently, in Georgia, we use coal-fired power plants and nuclear fusion power plants to create electricity. A new source of electricity that may be useful in the near future is nuclear fusion power plants. Your team’s job is to research information on the three types of plants and choose the one you think is best for Georgia and create a political advertisement describing the type of power plant, how the energy is produced and the pros of your choice, along with the cons of the other two. Remember, you are trying to convince people to vote one way on the issue!


H Chemistry- no tutoring Tuesday am!

Hi All!

If you are planning on coming in tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/23) to tutoring, change your plans. I was scheduled for an AP meeting at 7:45. I am available in the afternoon on Tuesday until 5pm or see me for another morning appointment.

H Chemistry – HW – Due Tuesday, 9/23/14

Watch these two Crash Course Chemistry videos and take notes on each one!

Google: Crash Course Chemistry

Scroll down until you see video #38: Nuclear Chemistry. Watch it and take notes on the video.

Then watch video #39: Nuclear Chemistry Part II. Watch it and take notes on this video too.

Or on the video below, Click on the Playlist in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to videos #38 & #39.