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H Chemistry – due Monday, 9/28

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and comes back refreshed and ready to learn!

Homework: Due Monday, 9/28
Watch the GPB video #601: Ionic Formula Writing and take notes.

Also, if you lose your bonding review sheet, here it is. Make sure it’s done.
Chemical Bonding review

H Chemistry – Extra Credit

Create a 3-D model of one of the molecules below. You may use any safe household items you choose to do so. Either take a picture with it (that means you and the model are both in the picture) or bring it to class.

extra credit

H Chemistry – Article HW and Video to Watch

Here is the article on fermentable foods and questions if you have lost yours. It’s due Monday, 9/14.

Fermentable Foods Article

Student Questions Frementable Foods

Also, please watch the Khan Academy video on the Introduction to Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding. Take notes.