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H Chemistry – HW Video

Here is GPB Chemistry video #304- Electron Distributions. Please watch and take notes.

Honors Chemistry – Video #302

Here is the link for GPB video #302- The Structure of the Atom

Watch and take notes for the video quiz on Monday.

A.P. Chemistry – 2nd New Power Point

… on the Periodic Table

Please download, print, & read through this power point. We will NOT cover every single slide in class. For anything not explicitly covered in class, you are responsible for reading and checking out the information in your textbook. (You should also do this with the !st power point on Structure of MAtter we went over today in class. 🙂

The Periodic Table

Tomorrow, we will go over problems related to today’s power point and start on this one here.

A.P. Chemistry- new power point on structure of matter

After going over the requirements for the AP test some more, I realized we needed to focus on some more info. Here is the new power point for that. I strongly encourage/require you to print out the power point so we can add examples to it when we go over it in class . There is some information you learned when you took chemistry before BUT there is also new, never seen before information as well.

Structure of Matter

If you don’t know how to print more than one slide per page, text me and I can help you with that.

Also, we will be working on AP test questions to go along with this new information as practice!

AP Chemistry – Ch 2 power point

Hi Guys,

Ch 2’s power point is now available. I had to upload it as 2 separate power points but it is all part of the same large ppt. Please download and/or print for notes for class.

Ch 2 ppt- part B

Ch 2 ppt- part A

For a refresher, you can go to the GPB Chemistry website to watch videos to refresh your memory on these topics. The videos to look at are #301, 302, 401, 402, 403, 601, 602, 603.

Honors Chemistry – the week ahead

Hello All,

On Thursday, we will be practicing identifying parts of the scientific method while watching an episode of Mythbusters.

On Friday, we will be looking at lab safety and lab equipment.