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H Chemistry 1.30.19

Today we reviewed our notes on matter and started discussing bonding, specifically metallic bonding and ionic bonding. Unfortunately, I will not be at school tomorrow, my daughter has gotten sick. Therefore, the lab will be postponed until Friday but you will have work to do in class tomorrow.

You also completed the CW Matter classification worksheet in class

H Chemistry 1.28.19

Today we went over the unit 1 test. If you scored less than 70% on your test, you are allowed a re-take. Since there is no school on Tuesday, 1.29, I will stay after school on Thursday, 1.31, for retakes or you can make an appointment with me to come in some morning to retake your test.

We started unit 2 on Matter, Bonding, and Nomenclature.

H Forensic Science 1.23.19

Today you completed the types of physical evidence lab.

The online multiple choice assignments are still not working this weekend. The only homework you have this weekend is to make sure that you have read chapters 2 and 3 in the online textbook.

H Forensic Science 1.23.19

Today we went to the cafeteria to listen to our guest speaker, Detective Torres share his experiences with using forensic science to solve crimes.

Your test for unit 1 will be on Tuesday, 1.29.