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H Chemistry- ALL STATE Students only

Hello all you talented people,

Below is the work you have missed while you were at All State. I’ve included the power points to help you and you also need to watch the videos that are posted on the blog, the date is Feb. 25th.

1 nuclear chemistry


The Periodic Table


If don’t have graph paper to complete this assignment, come see me. I can give some to you.
Discovering Periodic Trends by Graphing

H Chemistry – GPB Videos for the unit!

#501: Introduction to Bonding

#502: The World of Chemistry is Not Enough- Bonding Part II

#601: Ionic Formula Writing

#602: Writing Molecular Formulas and an Introduction to Organic Molecules

#603: Naming Compounds

H. Chemistry – Videos from class

Here are the links to the videos we watched in class this unit.

1. Video from the BBC that describes how a nuclear reactor works to produce electricity (

2. “Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl”, a Discovery Channel episode that reinacts what occurred during the disaster (

3. Photos of the tsunami hitting the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant (

4. A short video highlighting how the power plant at Fukushima failed. (

A.P. Chemistry – HW Videos

For Chemical Bonding – watch the video and take notes!

Click on periodic table, trends, and bonding.
Click on ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds

Optional GPB Videos (still optional but very,very highly recommended!!!!!!!)

#501: Introduction to Bonding
#502: The World of Atoms Is Not Enough – Bonding Part II
#503: Molecular Geometry