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H Chemistry 102918

Today we finished the CW on Molecular Formulas. If you need the notes or the worksheet, check out Friday’s post.

Here is the study guide and a mole map to help you study for Wednesday’s mole test. Answers will appear on the blog on Tuesday afternoon.Review for Moles Test

Mole Map

H Forensic Science 10.26.18

Hello All,

I apologize for not being in class today, I was called away for an emergency. I will definitely be there on Monday. You were to continue working on your Innocence Project and write notes on the DNA power point.

H Chemistry 10.25.18

Today in 1st period, we took a pop quiz on combined mole problems and then started learning how to determine an empirical formula from % composition or lab data. We will continue tomorrow and also work on molecular formulas.

In 2nd period, we completed the % composition lab and took the same pop quiz that 1st period did. Tomorrow we will work on empirical and molecular formulas.

TEST on moles will be on Tuesday, 10.30