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AStronomy 4/26 – 4/29

Here are the Kahoots to study to tomorrow’s galaxaies and cosmology test.

Pincode: 05500303

pincode: 07893491

pincode: 08679641

pincode: 01366123

pincode: 09970525

pincode: 07031420

pincode: 05824139

pincode: 08590708

pincode: 05021337

pincode: 03890593

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Astronomy 4/26/21

Here are some Kahoot reviews for the test on galaxies and cosmology. These below cover Crash Course Astronomy videos #37 – 39. YOUR TEST IS ON FRIDAY, APRIL 30TH!

#37 – The Milky Way

Passcode: 05716277

#38 Galaxies, Part 1

Passcode: 04745620

#39 Galaxies, Part 2

Passcode: 01909833

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If you are missing work from a unit (shows as a 40% in StudentVue), you can complete the videos and work in the attached documents below and turn it in by Friday, May 14th, 2021. All work must be written by hand. No typed work will be accepted! You only have to complete the units you wish to improve upon.

Astronomy 4/14 – 4/16

On Tuesday, we watched Crash Course Astronomy (CCA) video #37 (The Milky Way) and #38 (Galaxies – Part 1) and you took notes on the videos. Then we completed the galaxy class lab. Also you were assigned to do the galaxy vocabulary on Monday, 4/13.

On Wednesday, we watch Crash Course Astronomy #39 – Galaxies – Part 2 and took notes. We also did the Hubble Ballon Lab.

On Thursday, we watched Crash Course Astronomy #40 – Gamma Ray Bursts and #41 – Dark Matter and took notes.

You also completed the Big Bang WebQuest

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