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H Chemistry – Wednesday, 8/27

Today, we will review calculating atomic mass, complete the “Beanium” Lab with analysis and if there is time, we will start discussing Nuclear Chemistry, focusing on the nucleus of the atom. Here is the power point for that lesson:

Nuclear Chemistry

Also, here is the beanium lab and the atomic mass worksheet from Monday, in case you lose your copy,
Beanium Lab (Average Atomic Mass)

atomic mass worksheet

H Chemistry – Atomic Theory Timeline Assignment

Research the following people/events,take notes, and then create a chronological timeline of the development of the atomic theory. This is an in-class assignment.

Quantum Mechanical Model
Planetary Model
Rutherford Model
Plum Pudding Model
Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Gold Foil Experiment
Cathode Ray Experiment
Neils Bohr
Ernest Rutherford
JJ Thomson
John Dalton
Aristotle/ Democritusnotes page




John Dalton

JJ Thomson

Ernst Rutherford

Niels Bohr

The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom

H Chemistry HW Due Wednesday, 8/19

Watch the GPB Chemistry video #301: The Development of the Atomic Theory and take notes:

Plus – Finish reading the article, “So Tired in the Morning – The Science of Sleep” and answer the questions. You received this in class today.
So Tired in the Morning article

H Chemistry – What you need to know for the unit 1 test

– Id lab equipment
– Lab Safety Equipment location
– Scientific method:: know the parts of the method, be able to id then in an experiment, accuracy vs. precision, and significant figures in calculations
– Matter physical and chemical properties/changes, pure substances (elements & compounds) vs. Mixtures (homogeneous & heterogeneous), be able to solve density problems
-Heat: define heat, temperature, endothermic and exothermic; be able to solve q = mC(delta)T problems, answer questions about goldfish lab