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H Chemistry – HW and Agenda

Homework due: Tuesday, 8/19.

Either google GPB chemistry and go to video #202- Classification of Matter or copy and paste the link below.

Watch the video and write notes.

Tuesday we will discuss the difference between pure substances and mixtures and perform the density lab. Make sure that that your group decides who will be writing up this lab report for the group

H Chemistry – HW due Monday, 8/18/14

Watch video #201 on Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes and take notes (either print off the note taking guide or write yore own notes). Then complete Physical/Chemical Worksheet 1.

Copy and paste this link into your browser window.

Honors Chemistry Thoughts for the Day

#1 – Here is the url to the lab safety video we watched in class this unit.

#2 – Here is the url for a video by the same fellow about unit conversions and significant figures and scientific notation. By the way, metric conversions are something we are going over tomorrow.

#3 – I will be checking your 3-ring binders on Friday. This is what should be in each section.
Notes – GPB Video #104- Metric Conversions + Metric Conversions Worksheet 1, notes on the scientific method and math review. If you are in 2nd and 3rd periods, you must also have the lab equipment sheet as well.
Classwork – the Mythbusters worksheet (Scientific Method), your PB & J sandwich procedure, and the math review
Labs – Scientific Observations Lab

H. Chemistry – Extra Practice

Hi Guys,

If you are feeling the need for some extra instruction and practice in significant figures, check out this guy – Mr. Guch. He’s pretty helpful!

Practice worksheets (No I am not collecting them or grading them. In fact the answers are attached so you can check your answers!)

Id Significant Figures Practice

Sig. Figures in Calculations Practice

Scientific Notation Practice

Unit Conversions Practice