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Honors Chemistry – Unit 7- The Mole

No, it’s not a nocturnal, blind underground mammal. And it’s not that skin thing either. Just have patience, you will find out what it is!

Anyway, here’s the assignment sheet you will get on Friday!

assignment sheet

And, in case you lose it, here’s all the classwork and homework’s too!


Power Points to come in the near future!

Honors Chemistry – Week of 10/15/12

Hello All,

Attached you will find the agenda for our new unit on Chemical Reactions. You can also find the first three power points we will go over: evidence of a chemical reactions and writing chemical equations.

Agenda: Honors assignment sheet

Evidence PPT:Evidence of chemical reactions ppt

Writing Equations PPT: Unit 5A- 1Writing Chemical Equations

Balancing Equations PPT: UNIT 5A- 2Balancing Chemical Equations

Honors Chemistry – Review for Nomenclature Quiz

If you go to the website above, you can click on a multitude of practice naming and writing formula worksheets that also have answers for you to check your work.

Later this evening, I will post the flowcharts for you to study. Use them at first when you do the practice sheets. Once you start getting the hang of it, try it without the flowcharts. Same idea with the pink polyatomic ion sheet.

Remember, you can do this!!!!! Once you figure out the pattern and the process, it can be very easy. However, you also need to practice!

Extra Instruction on Writing Names and Formulas

Below are links on how for learning how to write the names and formulas for:

Ionic Compounds (Type ! & II)

Covalent Compounds (type III)