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H Chemistry 11.28.19

If you were in the very long 1st period today, we worked on the heat and calorimetry CW and the Goldfish Lab before beginning to take notes on Hess’s Law which we will continue tomorrow.

H Forensic Science 11.28.18

Here is the link for the Fire Lab Webquest.

Xplor Fire Lab

The Webquest did not work well on the iPads in class today. Please complete it for homework tonight. You should also finish the arson CW/HW, it is due tomorrow!

H Chemistry 11.27.18

Today we completed a lab on the energy of a goldfish cracker and worked on the CW/HW handed out yesterday. See yesterday’s blog post for the assignment.

H Forensic Science 11.26.18

Today we went over the unit 4 test on dna, blood, drugs, and toxicology.

We started our last unit with arson evidence. We started taking notes. I’ve put all the arson notes here.
112618 Notes Arson
We will finish going over them tomorrow.

You also received CW/HW on Arson which is chapter 14 in your textbook. This is due on Thursday, 11.29. You can start working on it today.
Ch 14 Arson CWHW