Archive | January 2020

H Chemistry 1.31.20

Today you took the unit 1 test. You also have to read an article on vaping and answer a question using the RACE format. Ask me about the article if you missed the test today.

H Forensic Science 1.31.20

Today you completed the latent fingerprint lab where you developed prints using fluorescent powder, magnetic powder, ninhydrin, iodine fuming, and superglue fuming. If you missed the lab, do this alternative below.

Also, due on Monday are all the hair related questions on p.483-487, Review Questions #1 – 25 and Application and Critical Thinking Questions # 1- 7.

H Forensic Science 1.29.2020

Today you took notes on fingerprints and used fingerprint powder to lift latent prints. If you are in 4th period, you need to write down/read the rest of the fingerprint notes that were posted to the blog yesterday. Be prepared to answer questions on it.