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AP Chemistry 8.31.16

Today we talked about the wave particle duality of light and of matter, specifically electrons.
Electrons and Light notes 083116

We also watched some videoes:

Homework: Read Chapter 6 due Thursday, 9.1.16
Yesterday’s assignment p.202-206 #6,13,15,27,35,43,51,55,6,63,71

H Chemistry 8.31.16

Today we graded the periodic table questions after finishing the graphic organizer of the periodic table from Monday.

In 3rd period, we started graphing properties of elements vs. atomic number to start looking at trends.

Homework: Watch GPB Chemistry video #403 – Trends in the Periodic Table and take notes!

H Chemistry 8.29.16

Today we went over the unit test you took on Friday. Remember, if you scored 69% or less, you can re-take the test. The highest score you can earn on a re-test is 70%. All re-tests must be completed by 5pm on Wednesday, September 8th.

For homework this past weekend, you had to watch a GPB Chemistry video (#401: The History of the Periodic Table) and take notes. In class you used those notes to answer a 5 question pop quiz. If you missed this quiz, you need to make it up in class asap.

We also created a graphic organizer on the organization of the Periodic Table. 3rd period finished and 2nd period will finish tomorrow.
Periodic Table Organization notes 082916

3rd period also received this assignment. Please use the video notes and the organizer you created in class to help you answer the questions.
Periodic Table Worksheet

H Chemistry 8.26.16

Today you took a test on unit 1. You also received this article, “The Many Looks of the Periodic Table” to read and then some questions to answwer. If you did not finish this in class, it is due on Monday, 8.29.
chemmatters-oct2008-periodic-table article

The Many Looks of the Periodic Table questions

Other homework, also due Monday, 8.29:
Watch GPB Chemistry video #401: The History of the Periodic Table and take notes. You may use the note taking guide provided by GPB or write your own notes. You will use those notes in class on Monday – but they must be written!

H Chemistry – 8/24/16

We performed the flame test lab to identify elements by the flame colors they produce and to determine how much energy was released as photons from each element.

H Chemistry 8.23.16

2nd period:

We learned three ways to write an electron configuration for an element.
1. from an orbital diagram
2. using the periodic table
3. using the diagonal rule
Electron configurations notes 082316

Here’s the CW:CW Electron Configurations

3rd period: We went over the electron configurations you finished yesterday and answered questions on the electron probability lab you did yesterday. Then you worked on the review for the unit test.

ALL Classes
Read the flame test lab for tomorrow.
Flame Test Lab
Work on the study guide for the test on Friday
Unit 1 Test Review