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H Chemistry 9.18.17

Today you worked in groups to create graphic organizers for writing formulas or names for all 4 types of compounds. You also received a study guide for your unit 2 test which is on Wednesday, 9.20.

Unit 2 Test Review

H Chemistry 9.15.17

Today we learned nomenclature for acidic compounds
notes type IV acidic nomenclature 091517

Here’s the CW
CW Acidic Nomenclature

You also started on your group project for Monday, creating a graphic organizer to help a student write either names or formulas for compounds. It must inlcude all 4 types of compounds: Type I and II Ionic compounds, Type III Covalent Compounds, and Type IV Acidic Compounds. The graphic organizer must show the student how to identify what type of compound it is and describe how to write its formula or its name. You must include at least 2 examples of each type. Below are some examples of graphic organizers.


Nomenclature review

Reminder – You next test on bonding and nomenclature is on Wedensday, 9.20!