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AP Chemistry – Winter Review Packet

Hello AP Chemistry Awesome People:

Attached is the winter review packet that I would like you to complete before the start of the AP Chemistry class. The packet is due the 2nd day of class, Wednesday, January 6, 2016. If you wish to get an AP Chemistry text book to use over break, see Dr. Sublett. You can also go to these websites to refresh your memory on chemistry:

AP Chem Review Packet

H Chemistry – Tuesday & Wednesday Stuff (12/1 & 12/2)

Hi Guys,

Here is the KEY to the pH Calculations CW from Tuesday. In case you wanted to check it out in detail. We went over it in class today and if you didn’t score 100%, you need to do the alternative assignment. Due Thursday, 12/3.
CW pH Calculations KEY

pH Calculations part 2

Here is the pH lab we did in class today.

And here is the notes for Acid-Base Neutralization we did in class today.
Acid Base Neutralization Notes