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Honors & AP – Monday

I apologize that I wasn’t at school for 3rd and 4th periods today. Unfortunately, I will not be there for tutoring today after school either. If you need to come to tutoring, please see me when I get back to school.

H Chemistry – Notes from Thursday & Friday’s Info

Here are the notes from Thursday
otes Flow Chart for Type I and II Nomenclature

In class on Thursday, students finished the CW Type II Ionic Nomenclature, if they hadn’t and then they went into the hallway for a gallery walk assignment. If you missed it, it will still be up next week.

On Friday, students finished the gallery walk assignment and did a lab: Forming and Naming Ionic Compounds. If you missed it, you can make it up on Monday after school between 3:30 and 4:15.

AP Chemistry – Homework

Due: Thursday, 2/25

Read chapter 5 – thermochemistry and take notes

If you need more than what the book gives you, check out this video on GPB Chemistry

Or these videos from Khan Academy

AP Chemistry – Unit 2 Test Review Key

Unit 2 Test Review Key

Some Khan Academy videos that may be helpful when studying