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H Chemistry -Tuesday info

Here are the notes on dilutions

Dilutions notes

Here is the classwork.

Dilution Calculations

Watch the GPB Chemistry video #1101: Introduction to Acids, Bases, and Salts and take notes. Then complete the worksheet, the link is just below the note-taking link on the website:

H Chemistry – Wednesday’s stuff

We learned how to use the solubility graph to answer questions

Solubility graph

And we completed some classwork. You may need to use the solubility graph above to complete the worksheets because the graph on the worksheet is hard to read.



Homework: Watch GPB Chemistry video #1003: Molarity and Colligative Properties and write notes

H Chemistry – Information from Friday (4/15) and Monday (4/18)

On Friday we took notes on % yield:

% Yield notes

We did this classwork, choose either level 1 or level 2:

Limiting Reactant and % Yield Worksheet

We also finished the stoichiometry lab: Here are all the instructions if you need them:

Stoichiometry Lab

On Monday, we took the Stoichiometry test.
For homework, you need to read the article on chemistry helping athletes and answer the questions. You also need to watch GPB chemistry video #1001 on Solutions and take notes.

Chemistry Helps Athlete Keep Moving Questions


GPB Video is at this link: